Is the varnish used on Wildy safe for my health?
The varnish is a reputable German product approved by the Estonian Health Board. It may also be used on wooden furniture and toys for small children. Standard EVS EN 71-3

Can Wildy give any splinters?
Not Wildy. At least unless you scratch it or otherwise damage the surface. Wildy has been sanded with extreme care and coated with 4 layers of varnish. The product is also sanded between varnishings to ensure a perfect surface finish.

Does Wildy glide well?
Certainly as well as silicone but lubricant improves the glide even further.

Can lubricant damage the finish of Wildy?
Unlike silicone toys, wood can be used with both water-, silicone- and oil-based lubricants.

Wood is sensitive to moisture. What about Wildy?
Wildy is 100% waterproof. You can even take a bath with it as it is coated with 4 layers of varnish, just remember to dry the toy after use and store it in indoor conditions.

Is the varnish odourless?
The water-based varnish used on Wildy is practically odourless.

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